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  Elkhorn & Fantasy Star Dairy Goats

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  Elkhorn LOR/IP Raquel
3-02 88(VVEV)
   ss-Kastdemur's Final Justice
Sire-Elkhorn Indecent Proposal
   sd-CH Kastdemur's New Orleans 3-02 89(EEEV) 1999 Colorama sale doe
   ds-CH Wooden-Bridge Flashpoint
Dam-CH Elkhorn Lorenza
   dd-Ladies-Blue Wild Bonnie 5*M 1992 Spotlight Sale does

Bred to  for  kids


CH Elkhorn Jazz Dancer 6-02 87(VVEV)
     ss-Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador
Sire-Brown Sugar's Double Stuff
     sd-GCH Brown Sugar's Chardonnay 5*M      91(EEEE)
   ds-Noble Farm Wrath of Excalibur
Dam-GCH Elkhorn Private Dancer 1*M HES 91.4
   dd-Elkhorn Sable Crystina
       Even at 7 years of age, Jazz had a spectacular udder.  Seamless, smooth fore udder and a high wide rear udder. Jazz finished her championship in May 1999.  Was approx 13th place 3-year old at the 1999 National show. She has been BOB, BUIS, BUOB and BIS several times with limited showing. She went BIS & BUIS at the 2003 Santa Cruz Co. Fair.
Bred to, due
Does $750 Bucks $650, 1 doe reserved


   CH Wild Hearts FJ Nestle
7-02 91(EEEE)
5-09 90(EEVE)
4-00 87(EVV+) DRY/OPEN
3-01  87(V+VV)
2-01  84(VEV+)
    ss-Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador
Sire-Kastdemurs's Final Justice  +*B
    sd-GCH Kastdemur's EP Ashley

    ds-CH 4B Smooth Belle Klassic *B
Dam-Wild-Hearts Klassic's M-N-M
    dd-Longman's Fabio's Jelly Bean

Bred to
  Jacobs Pride Bridget Bardoe
Dry stock appraisal 1-04 Ec(Ec,Ec,Ec)
  ss-Crown*Point Edens Cloud Dancer *+B
Sire-Jacobs Pride Star Dancer *B
  sd-GCH Jacob's-Pride Bernice 7*M
  ds-Kastdemur's DE Exhibitionist *B
Dam-GCH Jacob's-Pride Blonde Bombshell 9*M
  dd-GCH Jacob's-Pride Rock Crystal 8*M

Bred to  for  kids